Zojirushi rice cooker review

If you are looking to cook perfect rice the Zojirushi rice cooker may be what you are looking for. The manufacturers of these rice cookers have designed the rice cooker to always give you hot fluffy rice that is neither too hard nor too soft at the push of a button.

The Zojirushi rice cookers have features that make it the best rice cooker. They include;

A pressurized system; this enables it to cook the rice at elevated heat levels. Cooking rice under pressure causes it to be soft and stay soft for longer.

Induction Heating system; the zojirushi rice cooker is able to make finer heating adjustments for precise heating. Computer chip; this chip enables the zojirushi rice cooker to be able to think and adjust the temperatures in the cooker based on the thermal sensors in the cooker.

Umami setting; cooks the rice slower so that it has a deeper and more savory taste.

The rice cooker reviews for the zojirushi rice cooker are mostly positive. The benefits of using the Zojirushi rice cooker include:

• Unlike other rice cookers, you do not need to keep stirring the rice. The zojirushi rice cooker cooks the rice on its own.

• It can cook brown rice to the right fluffy texture unlike other cookers. This takes longer than cooking white rice but some rice cooker reviews have stated that this is the best cooker for brown rice.

• It can also just warm the rice.

The zojirushi rice cooker also has a few disadvantages. It takes longer to cook rice in this cooker that it does in other cookers. This is due to the fact that this rice cooker is optimized for taste and not speed. It is also a pricey cooker. They cost about $ 183 US Dollars on Amazon.

The zojirushi rice cooker is the best rice cooker if you want to get perfect rice every time. Give it a try.

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